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Digital recruitment isn’t about quick-fixes. It’s about finding the solution to your employment problem, the missing piece to your puzzle, the bread to your butter. Whether you’re looking for a key hire, a standout contractor or even an entire team of awesomeness, 1digital can help you find talent in Melbourne and its surrounds. Our bespoke approach is tailored to put your needs first. With us, you’re always #1.

We get beneath the surface

The key to a successful placement isn’t just about the CVs and resumes. It’s also about the human behind the paperwork and determining if they’re your person. The bigger picture, so to speak. And, in an ever-changing digital world that’s always evolving, we are a constant support and trusted partner you can rely on. Our recruitment services are not only top-notch and respected, but we continually strive to ensure every candidate we place is the right match. The result? A more practical, efficient and effective way of working.

Our collaborative recruiting approach is refreshingly transparent. We appreciate all clients have different needs, and that’s ok – we’re experts at adapting and being flexible.

We’ll work closely and communicate with you at every stage, ensuring we get to know all the nitty gritty details so we can find talent that shines. And the positive, strong relationship we’ll build will result in dynamic, spot-on placements. You can find out all the ways we can rock your world here.

About Us

A commitment to collaborate, access to the right people and an understanding of your business, so that we can tailor our approach to specifically match your recruitment needs.

In doing so, we’ll be able to use our unique industry insights and expertise to offer exceptional recruitment solutions that add value to your organisation. Too easy.

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